#Askhermore: Disney Princess Edition


Fabulous dress! The Wardrobe really outdid herself with this one! Mine’s a total knock-off.

By the way, your “fairy tale ending” involved a relationship with someone who imprisoned  you and your father and inflicted a significant amount of emotional trauma on you both. Given your clear love of books and learning which seemed to play a large role in your childhood, do you ever feel that marrying your captor restricted your ability to pursue your education, thereby limiting your professional opportunities?

We need to talk about how to get such perfect ringlets all the time! #askhermore



So, do the birds and mice freelance? I could really use some help getting ready in the morning and their work with ribbon is pure mastery.

One more question- although the glass slipper was yours, following the royal ball, which was specifically designed to find a “wife” for the Prince Charming, he was willing to marry anyone who could fit into it. This has drawn comparisons, and criticisms, that your story mirrors reality show love competitions like “The Bachelor” which encourage competition and backstabbing among women (preferably in a hot tub) primarily on the basis of gender stereotypes. Isn’t it fair to say that the whole royal ball and subsequent glass slipper search unfairly pitted women against each other to find “true love” with a stranger whose decision would be based primarily on physical appearance?

Your hair is always so smooth. How do you control the frizz? #askhermore



Where did you get the inspiration for THAT dress? Everyone is going to be wearing it.

Also, I have to ask, rather than allow your abilities to grow and find natural ways to control them, your parents chose to shame you and alienate you from the outside world. In retrospect, would you say that stifling female power has significantly adverse consequences and, in fact, it was only through female empowerment and bonding that you were able to overcome the obstacles you faced?

It must be soooo hard to keep a manicure looking fresh when you’re always shooting ice out of your fingers. #askhermore

Anna and Elsa

Sleeping Beauty

You have been rocking a lot of pink lately. Is your stylist working on this for your signature look?

Now about the “spell-breaking kiss”- you were, in fact, in a deep sleep. In the circumstances, it would appear that you were incapable of giving consent. While there may be an explanation in the context of your situation, are you concerned about the message this could send to young girls about their right to self-determination and control when it comes to their own bodies?

Your hair is flawless as always! I can’t believe you wake up like that.  #askhermore

Sleeping Beauty

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