Dad’s Rules: A Father’s Day Primer

  1. Bedtime is at 7:30. Unless there is a hockey game on tv- then bedtime is whatever time is the most convenient time between periods.
  2. The answer when your kid complains about dinner is always, “Do you need more ketchup with it?”.
  3. Size labels in children’s clothing are a scam. If you can get the shirt physically on your kid, it fits.
  4. There are lots of things mom never needs to know (probably 80% of your parenting fits in this category). Evie Dave tailgate
  5. There is no boo boo which cannot be handled with the remnants of a 5 year old tube of Polysporin and bubble gum ice cream.
  6. If your kid falls off the monkey bars, they are probably not old enough for the monkey bars. Try again next weekend.
  7. Mom’s “Elaborate System of Keeping Toy Bins Organized” only needs to be followed on Mother’s Day, her birthday and possibly Christmas.
  8. Ensuring your kid is wearing socks that match their clothes is a “nice to do”, not a “need to do”.
  9. Getting all of the snot out of your kid’s nose is never, ever worth the effort.
  10. Why pay to get your kid’s haircut? Anyone can do it- all you need are scissors and a lollipop.

Evie haircut





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