Scenes from a Playroom

Every once and awhile I come across the aftermath of my kids playing and I wonder whether they require more adult supervision…

Little did the Lego Friends know that property values were so low due to their development’s proximity to a dinosaur breeding ground….

Lego Friends

I doubt these dinosaurs wanna build a snowman…


Cutting down on screen time…. #nailedit

laundry room

 Law & Order: SVU (Family Room Edition)


When did they become poachers? No more National Geographic Wild…

Hippo head

Miniature Panda: Bait or Adorable Ruler of Jurassic Park?

Panda dino park


In retrospect, I may have been wrong that binge watching “The Wire” with a newborn would not have an affect on her……

Playroom 1


VIP Scooter Parking…


Not that kind of age of age appropriate reading material…

Evie reading


Never run with scissors….but please feel free to skip around aimlessly with a box of them…


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