The Post in Which I Get a Little Sappy (Maybe it’s the Hormones, Maybe it’s the Wine): A Toast to my Favourite Three Month Old

Dear Xman (a.k.a. Xavier, Xaves, Xavey, Bud, Buddy, Da Buddy Bud, Fluffy Bunny Guy)

Obviously, you are perfect. And obviously, I have gotten over the fact that you are a boy.

A year ago I might have thought that if a third baby didn’t happen, that would be okay- we were complete as a family of four. I was so very wrong.


“Uhmm, help? The milk lady with the crazy eyes keeps saying she’s going to eat me up. I’m starting to think she means it”

Looking at you is like getting the warmest, cuddliest and coziest hug that I didn’t realize I needed. We could not have known how much we missed you until you were here.

You are our little ray of happy.  Even your sisters will cede hard won territory when they hear your giggle and see that beautiful twinkle in your big blue eyes. It’s possible this is because you cannot fight with them over the iPad (yet) but I’d like to think there is more to it than that. They love you in a way that shows me that even on my absolute worst days, I am not failing as a mom.

So thank you for joining our squad and pulling us tighter into the warm hug that is our family.


This milk lady who is lucky enough to be your Mom

P.S. And also thank you for not peeing on me as much as everyone said you would.

P.S.S. But you could at least try to poop a little less explosively sometimes? XOXO


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